Sigh. It’s the Weekend. Let’s play Catch-up!

Finally a quiet-ish weekend. I can sit in the silent shop and contemplate the mayhem that has been the last month… and a half? Wow time does fly.

Best things first.

A couple weeks ago the St. Louis LYS held a yarn crawl. It was amazing! Washington, Eureka, Kirkwood, St. Charles, Arnold, St. Louis, Edwardsville, Fariview Heights. So many places to go! So little time! I made it to a few including my newest adopted home.

EWE KNIT YARNS is in Webster Groves.  It is a very charming shop run by the wonderfully fun Julie. They’ve only been open a few months but have managed to acquire some absolutely beautiful yarns  and some crazy cool knitters and crocheters. She is a collection point for the Blue Scarf Project so create an amazing blue scarf, stop in to drop it off and check out the shop. They have a knit/crochet night on Tuesdays re-opening the shop at 7pm. Last week we went to a quick dinner at Schlafly Bottleworks as it is only a couple of miles away and then on to knit night. It was tons of fun and I think we are going to try to make a monthly trek down there.

And did I mention she is now carrying my yarns?!?!?!

Julie has also asked me to make a new colorway exclusively for her shop. Ewe Better Knit Yarn“Ewe Better Knit”  A variegated yarn in aquas and brown/blacks.

Jerri knit up a tiny swatch the other night and it turned out so much fun!  I love it….

Speaking of new yarns… I have two more colors that hopped into my pot slightly accidentally.

Color "Victoria Line"

A bright aqua blue semi-solid yarn that knits up with a hint of variegation from a slightly deeper shade.
I couldn’t come up with a name to save my life. While it is very clear blue water, or little boy blue, I wanted it call it something more … fun. At 230 in the morning it hit me. There has to be a train line in some big city that is beautiful aqua blue. I pulled out all my maps – El, Tube, Metro – there has to be something here!
Yep. Meet “Victoria Line”
The Victoria Line in London. So many rides on that train. Oh London, how I miss You!!!!

A blend like this, if found in nature, can only exist in the lichen community. It knits up in a beautiful variegation of greens from palest celery to mossy brown to blue-ish spruce.

Behold “I’m Lichen Knit!”







Back to keeping the shop and doing a bit of knitting.
I love the the girls bring lunch hang out all afternoon on Saturdays. There is such a great community here!




  1. Kate
    Posted August 20, 2011 at 5:03 pm | Permalink

    Megs, as always you have the most amazing colors! Wish I had known you were at the shop since I have something for you. Working overtime each weekend at least for the next two months and really miss being there on Saturdays. Try to talk Miss Madalyne into being open Sunday afternoons ;o)

  2. Jerri
    Posted August 20, 2011 at 7:40 pm | Permalink

    Great day today Megan! Thanks for listening and sharing.

  3. skeined
    Posted August 23, 2011 at 9:53 pm | Permalink

    Darlings, the shop is my way to help out a friend and to avoid all the things I don’t want to do (like cleaning) … I’m always there and always ready to listen! I just love that there are so many such amazing people (like you girlies) that can share the time with me.

    And Kate… check the back on the next few Sundays if it isn’t raining. I have a large pile of dyeing to do.