What are you doing this weekend?

Friday night my yarns and I will be at the Emerson Family YMCA at Shop for a Cause. Stop by and squish to your heart’s content.



Monday Arg

Today was one of THOSE Mondays. Luckily every time my computer crashed, I had five minutes to knit and calm myself.

And then I came home to a BEAUTIFUL braid of “hallucinogenic lipstick” from LMS Studio Arts. It is definitely my colors and I can’t wait to use it. Although someone else has gotten to it first…..



I guess it would be Rory that makes all the mischief with the hallucinogenic lippy. Tsk tsk tsk


Mad Knitters Unite!

Have you seen him yet?

The Mad Knitter?

No! What do you mean “No”?!?

He’s adorable!
Bright, fun, energetic!

I still can’t figure out if he’s knitting the cloth or unknitting it. It’s a puzzlement.

Check him out and buy one for all your yarnie friends. You know you want to… … …


Update… or not.

I was really hoping that today I was going to be posting a HUGE update for my Etsy site. Instead I’m posting a GIGANTIC  HUMUNGOUS THANK YOU to all my lovelies out there in St Louis.

This weekend was St Louis’s Summer’s Last Blast Yarn Crawl. I had an absolute blast running through all the shops with my Mad Knitters. Unfortunately we did have to run a little faster than I would have liked… better planning next year…

Before the crawl my Etsy inventory looked like this:

I had begun to post a few of the skeins, but put the site up on vacation as I figured at least a few would find new homes before the weekend was up. Ewe Knit Yarns stocked up on their Skeined Alive inventory and Knit One Weave Too housed the rest for the weekend.



Today, I am left with this to post on Etsy later in the week:









All I can say is:

Thank you to the shop owners for having such an AMAZING event to get us all out of this hot weather funk.

Thank you to the hundreds of crawlers who spent all the gas to explore the ten fabulous shops we have in this yarn friendly town of ours.

And a massive thank you to all the yarnies who support local. There are several unbelievable dyers and designers in the area, not to mention the other artists who support our habits (I’m totally stalking you, Tangerine Designs!). We all receive an amazing amount of support from our local shop owners, fellow knit/crochet/weave/spinners and from each other. The community here is just incredible and we are all so lucky. I just can’t say it enough…



Things got a little out of hand this winter… and spring… and summer. I haven’t made time for blogging. Hopefully that is going to change.

New things are on the horizon, but first, lets play catch up…..

Hi! I’m still Megan and yes, I still feel that I’ve been buried alive by yarn. It’s everywhere, and I love that.  I moved to a cute condo this spring and now have my very own yarn dedicated room with a wall of cubes to hold most of my yarn. And I’ve even graduated from wire to actual wood-like cubes. It’s heaven, but I need more…

The dyeing business is still mainly just me (plus a few elves who drop in to help out occasionally). I’m doing much better at keeping up and actually have a reserve for the first time that can properly go up on Etsy next week. Ewe Knit Yarns has a wagon full if you can’t wait for the Etsy site to fill.

As for the yarn itself… new colors are popping up and I’m dyeing more bases more frequently. Hopefully the dk cashmere blend and the dk aws will be fully back in stock for fall. I’ve finally found the perfect project for the lace and tried knitting more than just a swatch with it. LOVE it.

I’ve been dyeing quite a bit more of that lately too. The cashmere blend fingering and the superwash merino fingering were running amok in my yarn room and had to get out. They are quickly finding new homes and not on my needles… … …



Now usually, the squirrel around here is referred to as the much hated “roof rat”. He eats all the tomatoes out of our gardens (just one bite of EVERY tomato that starts to ripen), he digs holes and plants hundreds of acorns so that we have hundreds of little trees to remove from our mulch, he eats all our bird seed and destroys our feeders, and he darts out in front of our cars. Yes, usually we despise the squirrel.

Then out of no where, he runs out onto the baseball field, blessing our beloved Cardinals and he is a superhero! If you weren’t sure, I’m happy to tell you that St. Louis is a bit of a baseball town. A couple of squirrels heard that St. Louis has the best fans in baseball and they just had to be a part of the love. Now, running across home plate as a pitch is thrown wasn’t exactly the smartest thing a little rodent could do, yet somehow it leads to out and out worship.

Well, if squirrels are going to bring luck to my Cards, squirrel worship it shall be. And how better to honor the squirrel than to knit him?

Behold Rastus the Rally Squirrel and little brother Rufus.







Thanks to my dear friend BeachKnitter, Rufus even got to go to the Game on Wednesday…

Rastus isn’t too jealous as he now gets to hang out with my boss and there are rumors he may get to do a bit of traveling.

So far I have 4 squirrels in all and intend to keep knitting them through the Series.


And in other non-rodent news…..

I dyed.
A lot.
But not enough it seems.

I have new colors and new bases. Hopefully photos will be coming soon. Here’s a poorly lit little sneak peak from my phone.

Until better photos are available, you can see most of them in all their glory over at Ewe Knit Yarns in Webster Groves.

For my Friday night, I’m sitting here in my favorite spot in St. Louis working with a new yarn that I’m debating on carrying. It’s a super soft, single ply alpaca/wool/silk blend. HEAVENLY in the skein and takes dye superbly! I was squishing it so much on Tuesday night, I might have kind of felted a little spot on the skein. I thought I should maybe start knitting it before it became a big matted mess.

Now the debate, hat, gloves, cowl? I just can’t decide!

I think I’m going to start with a hat since those are the needles I happen to have.

Music is starting. I think it’s time to go knit…

Happy yarning!



I Lurv Fall … Time for a Dyeing Day!

Sure, it isn’t all cuddly cold and snowy yet, but the weather is perfect for dyeing. The last few weekends have just been beautiful! Sunny and sixties, YUM!

Red, yellow blue, purple, brown, green…. all drying and waiting to have their pictures taken or to be shipped off to shops. This may be the first time that I’ve had all my colorways in the bin at once. It’s kind of overwhelming, but I like it.

I have a few skeins that need a couple of touchups and there are 2 or 3 more colorways that I’d like to do. Seeing as it’s going to be sunny and 80 tomorrow, and the shop is closed on Sundays, myself and a couple friends are having an inpromtu dyeing day tomorrow (10/16) in the parking lot behind Knit One Weave Too.
You are all welcome to join in the fun. Come just to hang out or bring of couple skeins that you want to dye and we’ll play all afternoon. First pots will probably be ready to go on around noon.  Bring your lunch, your knitting, and some ideas for crazy colorways! There will be a small fee for the use of the dyes, etc.

Oh, and it is Art East weekend. Many of the shops on Main Street have amazing local artists displaying their creations. Check out their website for more information!

Happy Yarning!
See you tomorrow!









Sigh. It’s the Weekend. Let’s play Catch-up!

Finally a quiet-ish weekend. I can sit in the silent shop and contemplate the mayhem that has been the last month… and a half? Wow time does fly.

Best things first.

A couple weeks ago the St. Louis LYS held a yarn crawl. It was amazing! Washington, Eureka, Kirkwood, St. Charles, Arnold, St. Louis, Edwardsville, Fariview Heights. So many places to go! So little time! I made it to a few including my newest adopted home.

EWE KNIT YARNS is in Webster Groves.  It is a very charming shop run by the wonderfully fun Julie. They’ve only been open a few months but have managed to acquire some absolutely beautiful yarns  and some crazy cool knitters and crocheters. She is a collection point for the Blue Scarf Project so create an amazing blue scarf, stop in to drop it off and check out the shop. They have a knit/crochet night on Tuesdays re-opening the shop at 7pm. Last week we went to a quick dinner at Schlafly Bottleworks as it is only a couple of miles away and then on to knit night. It was tons of fun and I think we are going to try to make a monthly trek down there.

And did I mention she is now carrying my yarns?!?!?!

Julie has also asked me to make a new colorway exclusively for her shop. Ewe Better Knit Yarn“Ewe Better Knit”  A variegated yarn in aquas and brown/blacks.

Jerri knit up a tiny swatch the other night and it turned out so much fun!  I love it….

Speaking of new yarns… I have two more colors that hopped into my pot slightly accidentally.

Color "Victoria Line"

A bright aqua blue semi-solid yarn that knits up with a hint of variegation from a slightly deeper shade.
I couldn’t come up with a name to save my life. While it is very clear blue water, or little boy blue, I wanted it call it something more … fun. At 230 in the morning it hit me. There has to be a train line in some big city that is beautiful aqua blue. I pulled out all my maps – El, Tube, Metro – there has to be something here!
Yep. Meet “Victoria Line”
The Victoria Line in London. So many rides on that train. Oh London, how I miss You!!!!

A blend like this, if found in nature, can only exist in the lichen community. It knits up in a beautiful variegation of greens from palest celery to mossy brown to blue-ish spruce.

Behold “I’m Lichen Knit!”







Back to keeping the shop and doing a bit of knitting.
I love the the girls bring lunch hang out all afternoon on Saturdays. There is such a great community here!




I Heart Weekends!

After a long week of working in the real world, there is nothing like a relaxing weekend of yarning.

Friday night at the laundromat was extremely productive for Catkin. I fixed the mistakes in chart 1, row 2. And I finished rows 3 and 4! It’s amazing what can be accomplished in an hour of silence. Pictures will be coming soon….

Post-laundry, I sorted all my hand-dyes into piles: what’s up on Etsy, what’s going into Kiss-a-Gram bundles or samples, what’s going in the shop, what’s going into my stash. I put them in pretty baskets and promised myself I’d label them all and get them where they need to go by next Friday (finger’s crossed, but I doubt that the minis will be finished!).

After being all productive-like I’m sitting here in the quiet shop relaxing. I love Saturday mornings in K1W2. Random people stop in after spending the morning at the Farmers Market and inquire about lessons (another one bites the dust!). People I don’t see very often stopping in to just say hi. Regulars coming in to hang out or get a little encouragement/help.
Saturdays are AWESOME! Not very productive but very therapeutic and relaxing. Now for some blankie time!! (Maybe I’ll get pics when Sandra stops in this afternoon!)


More Pretties!

More yarns were added to Etsy. I have a few more, but need photos. Hopefully they’ll all be up by the end of the weekend.

No Eggscuses

No Eggscuses!!