My name is Megan. I am a teacher by training. A geek by nature. A Knitter and Dyer by choice.
I knit whenever I have a chance. I dye when the weather permits. I spin when I am allowed time to myself at home.

I have been knitting and spinning for several years and fell in love with hand dyed materials. I adore the subtle variance in semi-solids and beautiful mottled hues of variegated skeins. The more I used the hand dyed yarns, the more intrigued I was by creating my own saturated tones.

In 2009 I attended a dyeing retreat and between the smell of the wet wool and the intriguing swirling of the dyes, I was in LOVE. I dabbled with dyeing for a couple of years, experimenting with different yarn bases and playing with color.  After much support and encouragement from the AMAZING people at my local yarns shop I began to sell my hand dyed yarns in Knit One Weave Too, Fusion and on Etsy.